Ice Coffee: the history of human activity in Antarctica

Peter Kemp isn't well recorded, so there's little to tell about him other than he sailed on the Magnet and saw a coast that's now named after him.

Jason Kimberley traveled to Antarctica in 2005 and did the hauling and the crevasse fields that make up much of my nightmare material.  On his return, in addition to writing one of the most accessible recent books about life on the ice, Jason established "Cool Australia," an online science education resource for school children.
Finally, I give a brief account of getting toasty, which is, in addition to snaws, a thing.

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The last gasps of British sealing efforts in the South and a brief profile of a dynasty of ship owners who paid for a lot of the exploitation of marine resources in the sealing and whaling boom times. 

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Morrell was a liar, Symmes was a looper and Reynolds was a bona-fide genuine slick talker.  Running to catch up in the claims stakes, US politics gets in the way and Morrell adds confusion.  More on Reynolds later.

Sue Haliwell, Antarcticartican makes what is hope will be the first of many appearances between her northern exposures.

After switching to a new hosting plan to free up money for a second podcast series, this, the longest episode to date, ate up the space allocation for this month.  An episode about Biscoe and the Enderby's is recorded but won't reach the feed for some weeks. 

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Hear me mix and match pronunciations as my brain fights it out between what it knows is correct and what it's accustomed to.
James Weddell - the explorer who went sealing in an age of sealers going exploring.  New record holders for southernmost expedition, the Beaufoy and the Jane sail into what we now know as the Weddell Sea and find vast expanses of no ice, leading to incredulity and ridicule.  James Weddell didn't sign up for the standard early death in poverty deal, but that's what he got.

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